Cabochon Stones


A gemstone is cut en cabochon when it has been shaped with a highly polished rounded or slightly domed convext top with no faceting and a flat or slightly domed base. Some cabochons may even have undulating surfaces. A gemstone with a flat bottom and a faceted domed top are often reffered to as

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Denim Lapis 25 x 18mm Oval Cabochon

Chinese Turquoise 14 x 10mm Oval Cabochon

Labradorite Cabochon Stones - Round

Rainbow™ Topaz 10mm Round Cabochon

Chrysocolla 12mm Round Cabochon

Natural Untreated Turquoise Cabochons

Round 10mm Chinese Turquoise Cabochon Stone

Emerald 4mm Round Cabochon

Labradorite Iridescence

Labradorite 18 x 13mm Oval Cabochon

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Oval 25 x 18mm Chinese Turquoise Cabochon Stone

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Rainbow Window Druzy Quartz 20mm Round Cabochon

Larimar 10 x 8mm Oval Cabochon, AA-Grade

Aventurine 10 x 8mm Oval Cabochon

Tanzanite 8mm Round Cabochon

Chinese Turquoise 8 x 6mm Oval Cabochon

Chinese Turquoise 6mm Round Cabochon

Cobalt Window Druzy Quartz 20mm Round Cabochon

GARNET - ALMANDINE, cabochon gemstone 9 mm -

Chinese Turquoise Cabochons

Chinese Turquoise 18 x 13mm Oval Cabochon

Denim Lapis 12mm Round Cabochon

Malachite Oval Cabochon Gemstone | eBay