Candy Corn


A popular variation called "Indian corn" features a chocolate brown wide end, orange center and pointed white tip, often available around Thanksgiving. During the Halloween season, blackberry cobbler candy corn can be found in eastern Canada. Confectioners have introduced additional color variations suited to other holidays. The Christmas variant (sometimes called "reindeer corn") typically has a red end and a green center; the Valentine's Day variant (sometimes called "cupid corn") typically has a red end and a pink center; In the United States during Independence Day celebrations, corn with a blue end, white center, and red tip (named "freedom corn") can be found at celebratory cook outs and patriotic celebrations; the Easter variant (sometimes called "bunny corn") is typically only a two-color candy, and comes with a variety of pastel bases (pink, green, yellow, and purple) with white tips all in one package. In 2011, there were caramel apple and green apple candy corn variants. In 2013 there were s'mores and pumpkin spice variants. In 2014, carrot corn was also introduced for the Easter season, typically being green and orange, and having a carrot cake type flavor. In 2015, birthday cake and "celebration" candy corn have been introduced for the Independence Day season.

Candy corn is a candy most often found in the United States and Canada , popular [1] primarily around Halloween . The three colors of the candy – a broad yellow end, a tapered orange center, and a pointed white tip – mimic the appearance of kernels of corn , hence the name. [2] Each piece is approximately three times the size of a real kernel from a ripe or dried ear .

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