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The game has been expanded with a number of episodes, adding a few dozen new levels per episode as well as new gameplay mechanics. In the game's first major expansion, the game added a separate set of levels in the Dreamworld, not accessible any more. While levels had the same goals, the players had to balance matches of candies of two randomly selected colors to avoid disrupting the sleeping Odus the Owl; if they did, the level was considered lost and the player had to try again. If they collected enough matched candies to fill a meter, the player actived the Moon Struck power: the board was cleared of all candies of those two colors, and the player gained a few turns of additional matches without having to balance colors. After this, Odus returned to sleeping and two new colors were randomly selected for the balance. This continued until the player completed the level or ran out of turns as in the main game. Dreamworld levels used a different set of lives from the main game, allowing the player to switch back and forth between these modes.

Welkom in de 3 op 1 rij snoepwinkel! Maak combinaties van minimaal 3 dezelfde snoepjes. Speel zoveel mogelijk snoepjes weg en behaal een nieuw level. Combineer speciale snoepjes voor spectaculaire effecten. Bij jij een echte zoetekauw? Verbreek dan nu de highscore!

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