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The Ka-26 entered production in 1969. 816 have been built. A variant with a single turboshaft engine was the Ka-126 . A twin turboshaft-powered version is the Ka-226 . (All the Ka-26/126/128/226 variants are codenamed "Hoodlum").

The Kamov Ka-22 Vintokryl (rotor-wing, or literally, (air)screw-wing) ( Cyrillic : Камов Ка-22 Винтокрыл ) ( NATO reporting name : Hoop ) was a rotorcraft developed by Kamov for the Soviet Air Force . The experimental transport aircraft combined the capabilities of a helicopter for vertical take-off and landing with those of a fixed-wing aircraft for cruise. The Ka-22 carried a large payload, having a hold comparable in size to the Antonov An-12 . Eight world records for altitude and speed were set by the Ka-22 in its class, none of which have since been broken. [1]

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