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In the early 20th century the city of Eindhoven, located in the Roman Catholic area of the Netherlands, had two mainly Roman Catholic hospitals, the Binnenziekenhuis en the Sint-Josephziekenhuis. During this period, Protestants from the rest of the country, relocated to Eindhoven, to work at Philips, causing a growth of the Protestant population. Since 1929 the "Vereeniging voor Protestantsch-Christelijke Ziekenverpleging" (English: Association for Protestant-Christian Patient Care) had put in effort to get a Protestant hospital. In 1933 an emergency hospital was opened in a villa at the Parklaan in Eindhoven, mainly by the efforts of Phillipes headnurse Johanna Kleinod, and with financial support of dr. Anton Philips, who wanted the best medical care for all his employees, no matter what their religious orientation. With 20 beds it was soon found too small and in 1935 Villa Elsheim was bought with financial support of Philips. The new hospital, with 90 beds and a modern Rontgen department, was opened on 13 January 1940. In the 1950s the hospital was once again too small and in April 1967 it relocated to the Ds. Fliednerlaan in Woensel, Eindhoven.

Maxima Medical Center is the largest medical campus in the southeastern Netherlands. At Maxima Medical Center we treat each patient as an individual, understanding the need for healing with compassion, and respect to the stewardship entrusted to us.  When you meet with anyone from our carefully selected team of experts you will be meeting with a professional who strives to understand you, not just your condition. Maxima Medical Center healing with heart.

Máxima Medisch Centrum ( English : Maxima Medical Centre ) is a teaching hospital in the Netherlands , on two locations, in Veldhoven and Eindhoven . It was founded in 2002 by a fusion of the Sint-Josephziekenhuis in Veldhoven and the Diaconessenhuis in Eindhoven, and was named after Maxima of the Netherlands . The main location is in Veldhoven, with the location in Eindhoven serving for non-critical care. It is the second biggest hospital in the Eindhoven region , after the Catharina Ziekenhuis in Eindhoven.

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