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Rocket League's gameplay is largely the same as that of its predecessor Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars. Players control a rocket-powered car and use it to hit a ball that is much larger than the cars towards the other team's goal area to score goals, in a way that resembles a soccer game, with elements reminiscent of a demolition derby. Players' cars have the ability to jump to hit the ball while in mid-air. The players can also pick up a speed boost by passing their cars over marked spaces on the field, enabling them to quickly cross the field, use the added momentum to hit the ball, or ram into another player's car to destroy it; in the latter case, the destroyed car respawns moments later. A player may also utilize boost when in the air to propel themselves forward in flight, allowing players to hit the ball in the air. Players can also perform quick dodges, causing their car to do a short jump and spin in a given direction, which can be used to nudge the ball or gain positioning advantage over the other team.

The soccer meets Hot Wheels with moon-gravity physics game Rocket League was last year’s breakout “Why the heck aren’t you playing this?” So if the only reason you haven’t yet bent it like Beckham driving a rocket-propelled car is that you’re rocking an Xbox One, your luck’s about to change.

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rocket league xbox one


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rocket league xbox one

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Rocket League Xbox One

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Rocket League Xbox One



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