Ruby Lin And Wallace Huo


Lin's work yielded good results; her performance enhanced her fame, earning accolades for capturing her screen character Man Zhen’s 14 years of arduous life. The series was broadcast in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and South Korea. The same year, Lin also appeared in the youth romantic TV series Boy & Girl; it was broadcast in China by CCTV, receiving the highest rating of all series aired in 2003. With this series, Lin was selected one of the Top 10 actresses of the year; of those 10 actresses, she was the only one from Taiwan. She then appeared in the ancient martial arts TV series Flying Daggers, based on Gu Long's novel. It was her first martial-arts series, and Lin played against type – portraying a cold assassin, rather than her usual gentle damsel. These three series were released in 2003 throughout Asia, contributing to Lin's rise in popularity and recognition. Though Lin focused on TV series, she continued to appear in films such as the adventure drama Life Express (with Richie Ren) and the romantic comedy Love Trilogy (with Francis Ng and Anita Yuen), which was relatively successful in China.

Jerry Yan was spotted returning home with Ruby Lin after a meal gathering with Pauline Lan and Meifen Chen (also known as Chen Meifeng). This led to speculations if Jerry and Ruby are an item.

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