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The game features five gameplay modes, Capture the Flag (CTF), Control Points (CP), Team Deathmatch (TDM), Deathmatch (DM) and Assault (ASL). There are a total of 77 distinct maps in the game, each one with its own unique features, playing styles and strategies. Most of the maps offer all or most of the modes. The game features crystals as an in-game currency, which are obtained by collecting Gold boxes, by winning battles, and by completing objectives such as daily missions and daily mission chains, as a reward for ranking up of own or referral-account, by winning in contests; or can be bought in the Shop. Crystals can be spent in the personal garage, which offers customisation to the tank and other items like supplies, passes, gifts and occasional surprise items. Supply boxes will periodically fall into the battlefield during the course of a battle. The game also implements a rank-system, which offers players access to new equipment for their tank and matches with other high-ranked players, and a clan-system, used to create Clan vs. Clan battles.

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