Walther P99 And Ppq


The original, first-generation P99 had a traditional Double-Action/Single-Action trigger with a decocker. When the slide is racked completely to the rear upon loading, the trigger remains in the forward position for the first shot and the Anti-Stress mode is activated, where the striker is cocked but the trigger has the length of pull of the double-action mode. The trigger travel is 14 mm (0. 55 in) long in the Anti-Stress mode, but the most of the length is slack and is similar in feel to a two-stage rifle trigger. At the end of the anti-stress travel, the pressure noticeably increases to 4. 5 pounds and the user experiences a crisp trigger break and an extremely short trigger reset of about . 1 inches. All subsequent shots are fired in standard single action mode, where the slack on the trigger is much shorter, but the point of release feels the same. In order to deactivate Single-Action or Anti-Stress mode, the user can manipulate the decocker button on the top of the slide, just in front of the rear sights. When decocked from Single-Action mode, the trigger will reset to the full length of its pull. The pistol is now in Double-Action mode with a pull 7. 9 pounds for the full length of the . 55 inch pull. After firing the first shot in Double-Action, the pistol will be fired in Single-Action for all subsequent shots.

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